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Human Rights for EveryBODY

    Monday, March 3, 2014 - 15:36

    Everyday millions of women and girls around the world are denied access to sexual and reproductive health services and education that they need to live a safe and healthy life.

    Amnesty International wants all women and girls around the world to have what we have here in Canada—the freedom to make informed choices about our bodies and our lives and access a full range of sexual and reproductive health services. Women who benefit from Canada’s overseas development assistance should be able to access the same services as women in Canada. Send the message to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird that human rights belong to everyBODY!

    1. Find a piece of fabric, canvas, vinyl, or plastic that is larger than life (literally!). In this example we used a dollar store table cloth. You could use an old shawl, sheet, tablecloth, or fabric representing your cultural heritage.

    2. Lie down on  the material, strike a pose (don’t feel you need to be in “gingerbread person” post), and have a friend trace the outline of your body with a marker or chalk.

    3. Cut out your outline. If you are at a public event, post it on the wall. Write your name and city on the cut out in permanent marker or using fabric paint.

    4. Send all cut outs to Amnesty International at 312 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K1N 1H9.

    Amnesty International will use these cut-outs to visually illustrate all of the “bodies” that care about sexual and reproductive health rights. Join us and tell the Canadian Government that human rights belong to everyBODY! 


    • Fabric/canvas/vinyl/plastic (don’t use paper—it’s too delicate and gets ruined at outdoor events.
    • Scissors (try to make sure you have a right handed and left handed pair for people to use).
    • Chalk or permanent markers, and fabric paint—write your name, city, and a message on your cut out.
    • Camera (to take photos of people making their cut outs—send photos to