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Lifesaver for ages 9 and up -- Egypt: Free Aser Mohamed

    Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 10:26

    Aser Mohamed in 2015 © Private


    A student named Aser Mohamed needs your help. 

    Terrible things have happened to him since January 12, 2016. That was the day armed police and security officers broke into his Cairo home. They took Aser away without following the law since they had no warrant to break into the house. (A warrant is a document needed to search a place or arrest someone.) 

    Aser was just 14.

    For 34 days, Aser’s family did not know where he was. When he was finally brought to court, it was without the help of his lawyer.

    All this is terrible enough, but then the government claimed he had done some violent things, like attacking a hotel in early January. When Aser told them he had not done that, they hurt him so badly that, to make them stop, he finally said he did. That confession could now be used to keep Aser in jail for 15 years!

    It was a long time before Aser was allowed to call his family. When he finally spoke to them, he was able to tell them that he is in Giza Central Security Forces Camp about 10 km north of Cairo. Their weekly visits to him last between 5 and 15 minutes. It’s the only time he can leave his cell. 

    Aser is finding his time in prison very difficult. 

    Please take action to free Aser Mohamed and to cheer him up until he is released.

    Your letter could be a lifesaver!


    Please write to Egypt’s president.

    • Start your letter with Your Excellency.
    • In your first sentence, tell the president something about yourself to make your letter different from others he will receive.
    • Tell him you know that Aser Mohamed is held in the Giza Camp near Cairo and ask the president to make sure he is being treated well. (Proper treatment includes no beatings, enough food, clean water, some exercise and visits from his lawyer so you could name some of those.)
    • In your last sentence, ask the president to free Aser Mohamed because his detention is against the law.



    President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi 
    Office of the President
    Al Ittihadia Palace
    Cairo, Egypt

    Postage:    $2.50
    Twitter:     @AlsisiOfficial 



    Please send a letter, card, photo, drawing or postcard to let Aser Mohamed know you are thinking about him. He would be interested in knowing what you are studying at school, who your family and friends are, or what you like to do. The more colourful your message is, the more it will cheer him up. You could decorate it by tracing a maple leaf onto your letter or card. You should not include your return address so please do not expect a reply.

    Mail your greeting, using $2.50 postage, to Aser’s lawyer:

    Mokhtar Mounir
    2 Etihad el-Mohamen el-Arab, Apartment 6
    Garden City, Cairo



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