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Lifesaver for ages 9 and up -- Turkey: Protect Eren Keskin from arrest

    Monday, November 7, 2016 - 17:29


    Eren Keskin will not be quiet. 

    • She protested when the army killed a 12-year-old boy.
    • She wrote a report about how soldiers harmed some women.
    • When the government told a minority group of Kurds* they could not use their own language, she stood up for them.
    • She has criticized the government for their policies many times. 

    Eren Keskin is a lawyer, a human rights activist and she used to be a journalist. She lives in Istanbul, one of Turkey’s largest cities. 

    The government of Turkey has punished Eren Keskin for being so outspoken, so vocal. 

    Over the last few years, they have forced her to go to court more than 100 times. Once they put her in jail for six months just for using the word “Kurdistan”** in an article. 

    Now the government wants to put her in jail again. That could happen any time, and she could be in prison for a long time.

    But Eren’s only crime has been to speak out against injustice. She will not be silenced. 

    Eren has spoken up for others. We must speak up for Eren. She has a right to express her opinions in any peaceful way she chooses. 


    * The Kurds are a cultural group who share religious traditions.

    ** Kurdistan is the region where the Kurds live. Some are in Turkey, some are in Iraq and some are in Iran. 



    Please write to Turkey’s Minister of Justice. 

    Start with Dear Minister.

    1. Tell him something about yourself to make your message personal and different from the others he will receive.
    2. Explain that everyone has the right to say what they think, and to give and receive information. (That right is declared in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.)
    3. Ask the minister to make sure Eren is not jailed and can continue her activities freely.                        


    Send Eren Keskin a card or letter to show your support for her. You could tell her that you have asked the Justice Minister to respect her right to say what she thinks. Or you could write something like Dear Eren, Greetings from X. I defend your right to freedom of expression. You are welcome to include a drawing, a postcard from your town or a photo of yourself. 

    Use a $2.50 stamp to mail your greeting to

    Eren Keskin
    c/o Turkey team
    Amnesty International Secretariat
    1 Easton Street
    London WC1X 8DJ
    United Kingdom


    If you have not received this Lifesaver directly from Amnesty International’s Toronto office and would like future actions, reach us at the contact information in the header. There is no cost.