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Lifesaver for ages 9 & up -- Iran: Nasrin Sotoudeh must return home!

    Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 16:51

    Nima, 11 and Mehraveh, 19 with their mother Nasrin Sotoudeh on a happier day. Nasrin can’t be home with them but she is being the best mother she can be, by showing her children that truth and justice are worth fighting for. © Private


    Nasrin Sotoudeh is
    a prisoner of conscience in Iran
    a mother of two
    a human rights lawyer
    a defender of women’s rights
    a champion of children’s rights
    and a very brave woman!

    Nasrin has been a nuisance for the government of Iran for many years. She has campaigned peacefully but loudly for many basic rights that Iranians are not enjoying, like freedom to not wear a headscarf. 

    The government accuses her of giving media interviews about violent arrests, of holding secret meetings with leaders of other countries and of using the money she got from a human rights prize to rebel against the government. These are all excuses to try and silence her. 

    Now they have done something worse. The government has put Nasrin in prison for the next 17 years. 
    This sentence is outrageous! It also separates her from her children who need her at home.

    Please write to the head of Iran’s justice system.

    • Start with Dr Mr Raisi and tell him something about yourself to make your message different from others he will receive.
    • Remind him that Nasrin Sotoudeh is in prison only because the government does not support her human rights work. But that is no reason to silence her. She should never have been arrested. She needs to be home with her children.
    • Ask him to free Nasrin Sotoudeh right away.


    Ask your parents and teachers to sign Amnesty International’s petition for Nasrin Sotoudeh at  Thank you.

    Nima and Mehraveh are growing up without their mother in the house. That must be so hard. You can send a greeting to one or both. Mail a handmade card, postcard, greeting card, letter or spare photo of yourself to 
    Lifesaver Program, Amnesty International, 3-1992 Yonge St, Toronto M4S 1Z7
    We will send them in one package early in July. Thanks!

    If you’re not getting monthly Lifesavers but would like to, reach us at There’s no cost, and you can stop receiving them at any time.