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Lifesaver for ages 9 and up -- Nigeria: Shell Oil, Clean up your mess!

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 09:43


    “We breathe polluted air. We drink polluted water. We farm in contaminated land and eat contaminated crops. We live in a contaminated environment. All because of oil pollution.” – Community activist, Niger Delta

    Many people in the Niger Delta live with sticky black pollution. Where does it come from? Well, the area is rich in oil. The Shell Oil company has been extracting it for over 50 years and sometimes there are massive spills. In fact, there are hundreds of spills in the region every year.

    Chief Emadee Roberts Kpai is an 80-year-old farmer and fisherman. He lives in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria in a village called Kegbara Dere (K-Dere for short). He has 14 children and has lived in K-Dere all his life. For over 30 years, he and his family have witnessed several oil spills in their community. The oil has destroyed the farmland, swamps, fish ponds, and water wells.

    No proper clean-up has been done in the area and Chief Kpai, his family and his community have had to live in the polluted environment.  Chief Kpai is still waiting for Shell to clean up its mess. He hopes the company will do so during his lifetime.

    Like many in the Niger Delta, the people of K-Dere have not given up. They have continued their demand for proper clean up and for a safer future for their children. They want the world to know that Shell’s lack of action has left much of their community destroyed. And they are calling on Shell to clean up the spills.

    Amnesty International is joining that call. We need Shell to clean up and ensure that Chief Kpai’s children, and other children in K-Dere and throughout the Niger Delta live in an environment that is cleaner and clear of oil pollution.

    WHAT CAN I DO? Choose one or more of these activities.

    Post a tweet calling on the Shell Oil company to clean up its messes. Here is a suggestion but you can write your own if you prefer: 
    .@Shell: Clean up your mess in the Niger Delta #makethefuture No more pollution! @AICanadaBHR


    Do you paint, draw or doodle? Make a poster calling on the Shell Oil Company to clean up its mess in the Niger Delta. There is some guidance for you and a deadline at If those directions are too hard to follow, mail your poster to

    Amnesty International Niger Delta posters
    3 – 1992 Yonge Street
    Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z7
    or email it to


    Write a note, create a card or send a postcard of your town to Chief Kpai to share with his family and community. You could
    • describe where you live
    • tell him that you know about the poor environment they have had to endure
    • explain that many people around the world are asking Shell to clean up its messes
    • ask him to share your greetings with his community.
    Send your message to the Amnesty International office listed above.



    For more information about oil pollution in the Niger Delta, please visit


    If you have not received this Lifesaver directly from Amnesty International’s Toronto office and would like future actions, reach us at There is no cost.