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Morocco: Your Support Improves a Prisoner’s Conditions

    Monday, May 12, 2014 - 16:33

    Belgian-Moroccan citizen Ali Aarrass remains in prison in Morocco, serving a 12 year sentence for illegal use of weapons and participation in a group intending to commit acts of terrorism. The only evidence against him was a confession obtained through torture.

    Ali Aarrass continues to experience some ill-treatment and harassment in detention. International support has played a role in helping to improve his detention conditions.

    Send a message of solidarity to Ali Aarrass in prison. Your messages let Ali Aarrass know that he is not alone, and they let prison officials know that he is not alone.

    Ali Aarrass told Amnesty that, “Experiencing injustice, and being deprived of one’s freedom causes great psychological and physical damage. But what is even more morally devastating is being abandoned, forgotten, when relatives and friends give up the fight, while one is walled in and helpless - those on whom one counts to support us and fight for justice to be done. I thank God this is not my case. But I urge you to think of all those who are in that situation, victims of arbitrary detention who are abandoned by all.”
    Send a solidarity message

    Messages in French, Spanish or English can be sent directly to Ali Aarrass in prison, though delivery of letters and cards is occasionally blocked.  Ali likes positive messages of support and encouragement and has a strong sense of humour. You are encouraged to introduce yourself and share joyful or funny stories and jokes with him. You can mention Amnesty International and include a return address with your messages, however please avoid any religious content or religious cards as these could put Ali at risk (freedom of religion is not guaranteed in Morocco).

    Send your letter to card to:

    Ali Aarrass
    Prison Locale de Salé II

    To ensure Ali Aarrass receives cards and letters, please send a copy to his sister:

    Farida Aarrass
    50 rue Jules Debecker
    1081 Bruxelles