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Palm Oil: Take action to stop child labour

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 13:13

    Some of the world’s largest companies are selling food and cosmetics containing palm oil that is tainted by shocking human rights abuses, including forced and child labour. Corporate giants, such as Nestlé , Kellogg’s, Colgate, Unilever and Procter & Gamble are turning a blind eye to the exploitation of workers in their palm oil supply chain. These companies reassure their customers that they are using “sustainable” palm oil, yet Amnesty’s research reveals that the palm oil is anything but.

    These companies buy palm oil from plantations run by Wilmar in Indonesia. Amnesty has discovered severe labour abuses at Wilmar’s plantations, including unsafe working conditions, discrimination against women, unrealistic targets and penalties, and children doing hazardous work.

    Write a lettter:

    Contact the makers of Dove soap, KitKat chocolate bars, Knorr soup, Pantene shampoo, Gerber baby cereal, Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive dish soap and Magnum and Parlour ice cream and demand that they take responsibility for human rights abuses in their palm oil supply chain.

    • Explain that as a consumer you are shocked to learn that their products contain palm oil tainted by human rights abuses;
    • Urge them to take responsibility for human rights abuses in their palm oil supply chain by insisting that Wilmar stop abusing workers’ rights and address the harms suffered by workers, including children who have been involved in hazardous work;
    • Ask the companies to publicly disclose which of their products contain palm oil from Wilmar’s Indonesian palm oil operations.


    Send your letters to:

    John A. Bryant, President and CEO
    One Kellogg Square
    P.O. Box 3599 Battle Creek,
    MI 49016-3599
    Paul Polman, CEO
    Unilever House
    100 Victoria Embankment
    EC4Y 0DY
    David Taylor, President and CEO
    1 P&G Plaza
    OH 45202
    Mark Schneider , CEO
    Avenue Nestlé 55,
    1800 Vevey,
    Ian M. Cook, President and CEO
    300 Park Avenue 11th Floor
    New York,
    NY 10022-7499
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