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Philippines: Justice for torture survivor Alfreda Disbarro

    Friday, May 9, 2014 - 15:18

    Alfreda Disbarro from Quezon City, Philippines was at an internet café near her house in the early evening of October 3, 2013. Police stopped her and accused her of drug dealing. She denied this and emptied her pockets voluntarily, revealing just a mobile phone and a five-peso coin.

    The police then pointed a gun at her, punched her in the chest, handcuffed her and took her to police headquarters. Officers tortured her to force her to confess to the crime and she was in such pain that she could not eat for days and had difficulty breathing and kept vomiting.

    She was taken to the Barangay Hall of Barangay San Antonio the following day, where she was told to sign a blank sheet of paper, and photographed with three one-hundred-dollar bills and a sachet of drugs produced by the policy. Alfreda protested her innocence.

    Alfreda went before the Prosecutor on October 8, charged with the sale and possession of illegal drugs but was not asked about what the police had done to her.

    She is now in a local jail, charged with selling and possessing illegal drugs. Although she has been examined by a medical officer, her torture allegations against the police haven’t been investigated. Amnesty International is calling on the Acting Inspector General of the Philippine National Police to investigate her torture allegations, promptly and fully, and bring anyone found responsible to justice.

    Please send an email or letter to the Acting Inspector General of the Philippine National Police:

    • Start with Dear Inspector General;
    • Write a sentence about yourself;
    • Express concern about Alfreda’s treatment while in custody;
    • Call on him to promptly open an impartial and effective investigation into Alfreda’s allegations of torture and ill treatment in October 2013; and
    • Request that if the investigation confirms that Alfreda was tortured, ensure that those responsible are held to account.

    Address your message to:

    Internal Affairs Service
    Philippine National Police Compound
    Camp General Crame
    Quezon City
    Metro Manila 1100

    Postage: $2.50

    Send a private message to the Philippine National Police on Facebook 
    Send a Tweet to the Internal Affairs Service of the Philippine National Police