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Sudan: Abuzar Al-Amin - Nov2012

    Friday, January 4, 2013 - 00:00

    Abuzar Al Amin: Respected journalist jailed, silenced for criticizing the government



    Abuzar's Story

    Abuzar Al Amin, former deputy editor-in-chief of Rai Al Shaab, was arrested in May 2010. He was tried and sentenced under articles 50 and 66 of the 1991 criminal Act to five years’ imprisonment for “undermining the constitutional system” and “the publication of false news”.

    In May 2011, the Supreme court reduced Abuzar Al Amin’s sentence to one year.Before his release, however, the Sudanese authorities brought a further two charges against him, one related to an alleged assault of a police agent, and the second to an article he had written for Rai Al Shaab. Both the alleged assault and the article predate the original trial.

    Abuzar Al Amin was finally released on bail in August 2011 although the charges against him have not been dropped. One of these is “undermining the constitutional system”, punishable by death.

    Abuzar Al Amin was considered a prisoner of conscience at the time of his detention.

    Amnesty international calls for all charges against him to be dropped, including the new charges of June 2011, which are believed to be politically motivated.

    “I feel at risk, because the charges against me have not been dropped and my case could be opened at any time. I could end up in jail without any notice.”
    - Abuzar Al Amin

    What else you can do

    A personal letter makes a difference. Please write letters to the Sudanese authorities expressing your concerns about the persecution of journalists in Sudan and the case of Abuzar Al Amin.

    Here are some things you should ask the President and Minister of Justice to do:

    1. Immediately and unconditionally drop all charges against Abuzar Al Amin and other journalists, writers and activists who have been charged after peacefully expressing their opinion
    2. Effectively and impartially investigation into the allegations of torture and other ill-treatment of Abuzar Al Amin.
    3. Reinstate Rai Al Shaab and all other suspended newspapers.
    4. Immediately stop the harassment and intimidation of journalists, writers and activists in Sudan and respect their right to freedoms of opinion and expression.
    5. Bring the 2009 Press and Publications Act and 2010 National Security Act into line with Sudan's international human rights obligations and commitments.

    Write to:

    President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir
    Office of the President
    People's Palace
    PO Box 281
    Khartoum, Sudan

    Fax: +249 183 770 621
    Salutation: Your Excellency

    Mr Mohammed Bushara Dousa
    Ministry of Justice
    PO Box 302 Al Nil Avenue
    Khartoum, Sudan

    Fax: +249 183 764 168
    Salutation: Dear Minister