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The Board of Directors

    Amnesty International Canada Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors at Amnesty provides strategic direction to the organization, ensuring good financial oversight and playing a critical role in the international movement’s governance process.

    The Board is made up of ten elected members (President, Vice-president, Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and five Directors). Each member is elected for a term of two years and may sit on the Board for a maximum of six consecutive years. In order to ensure continuity, the elections take place on a rotational basis so that only five positions are vacant each year. A representative from Amnesty’s staff association also participates in the Board as an ex-officio member, meaning that they do not have voting rights.

    The work of the Board ranges from setting policies to approving the operational plans and the budget for Amnesty’s work each year and ensuring that international decisions are implemented at the national level. Board members are a dynamic group of people committed to human rights for all and driven to make Amnesty an ever-stronger voice, both within Canada and within an international context.

    Any Amnesty Canada member can stand for election for the Board. According to the new Not-for-profit Act and our By-laws, one must be a member for a minimum of 60 days, made an annual gift, and notified us in writing of their choose to be identified as a member (according to the new definition of membership approved at the 2013 AGM).

    Find out who is on the current Amnesty Canada Board of Directors

    For more information on how to become a Board member, contact our Executive Assistant