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Health and Human Rights


    Amnesty International advocates on behalf of people like Maria Teresa Rivera in El Salvador, who was finally released from prison in May 2016 after a judge dismissed the charges against her. Maria Teresa had been serving a 40 year prison sentence for having an abortion (when in fact she had a miscarriage), in a country that bans abortion in all circumstances. 

    People around the world like Maria Teresa have their rights to access the services and care needed to live a healthy life violated through restrictions, lack of access, discrimination, and poor quality healthcare.

    This is why Amnesty International works to ensure that health-related human rights are protected and respected. We advocate on behalf of individuals like Maria Teresa who have experienced gross violations of their health-related human rights. We take actions to support human rights defenders who are at risk because they stand up for health-related human rights. And we act to combat systematic discrimination, for example, gender-based discrimination that prevents women from accessing maternal and newborn healthcare.

    Our Health Network brings together health professionals advocate on health-related human rights concerns. Join us!

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