Protect Indigenous Rights in the Peace River Valley

Amnesty is undertaking an extensive project focused on the human rights of Indigenous peoples in northeast British Columbia’s Peace River Valley. In August, we released “The Point of No Return,” a report outlining how the human rights of Indigenous peoples are threatened by the Site C hydroelectric dam. We are calling on you once again to support our action calling for a halt to the Site C dam. Please use the report and Site C action in your campaigning this season. The Site C action will be featured in December’s Write for Rights events. The report, action, and much more is available at

The next phase of the project is the release on November 3 of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” a full report on the Peace River Valley project, which provides an overview of how the economic development model being employed in northeast BC violates Indigenous land rights, threatens Indigenous cultures, and heightens the risk that Indigenous women and girls will experience violence. Information about the report release and accompanying actions will be circulated in advance of November 3.

Check back here for updates!