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Amnesty International welcomes return of Salim Alaradi to Canada

    Salim Alaradi greeted at Toronto airport
    June 20, 2016

    Amnesty International welcomes the return of Salim Alaradi to Canada after more than 21 months in illegal detention in the United Arab Emirates. Supporters from Amnesty International welcomed Mr. Alaradi today when he arrived at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, where he briefly addressed media before continuing to his home in Windsor, Ontario. 

    “Amnesty International welcomes the news that Salim Alaradi has been able to reunite with his family and return to Canada.  Amnesty International supporters across Canada had campaigned on his behalf during his ordeal of unlawful imprisonment and torture in the United Arab Emirates,” said Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada.  “While he has regained his freedom, he has not seen justice for the serious human rights violations he endured.  Amnesty International will continue to stand with Salim in pressing for redress and accountability for what he has been through.”

    On May 30, authorities in the UAE acquitted Mr. Alaradi of all charges brought against him. While imprisoned, Mr. Alaradi was tortured, granted uneven access to consular assistance and denied the right to a fair trial. He was subsequently prevented from leaving the country until June 2 due to a travel ban, despite his urgent need for medical attention. After the ban was lifted, Mr. Alaradi flew to Turkey to receive much-needed medical treatment for conditions arising from the conditions of his detention.