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Hungary: Verdict due in trial of man charged with ‘terrorism’ over border clash

    October 27, 2016
    •          Spokespeople at the court and available for interview

    Ahead of the expected verdict in the trial of a Syrian man charged with committing an “act of terror” during clashes with Hungarian border guards at a Serbia-Hungary border crossing last year, an Amnesty International team is in court and available for interviews.

    The man, a permanent resident of Cyprus who can only be identified as Ahmed H., could face a life sentence if found guilty. His elderly parents were convicted previously of unlawful entry and mass rioting, in relation to the same incident at the Röszke border crossing in September 2015.


    “This trial is symptomatic of the Hungarian government’s vilification of people seeking protection in Europe,” said Kartik Raj, Amnesty International’s regional campaigner.

    “Last week Ben Emmerson QC, the UN’s leading expert on human rights and counter-terrorism, warned states not to adopt more restrictive migration policies in the name of countering terrorism. What we are seeing in Hungary is an example of state making precisely this mistake.”


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