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Iran - New report on repression of dissent - 28 February

    February 22, 2012

    On 28 February Amnesty International will launch a new report “We are ordered to crush you”: Expanding Repression of Dissent in Iran.

    The report, over 70 pages, is being released just ahead of Parliamentary elections in Iran, which are due to be held on 2 March.

    It describes how, in the wake of pro-reform protests across the country in February 2011, the Iranian authorities have continued their crackdown on freedom of expression, with a wave of arrests in recent months targeting lawyers, students, journalists, political activists and their relatives, religious and ethnic minorities, filmmakers, and people with international connections, particularly to foreign media.

    The report argues that despite the Government's claims to support the aims of protesters across the Middle East and North Africa - calling the events of 2011 an "Islamic awakening" - the authorities have implemented this crackdown precisely to prevent Iranians voicing calls for greater accountability and respect for rights.

    The report includes analysis of an increasing tendency towards control, censorship and monitoring of Iranians’ access to the outside world via electronic and traditional media - a trend which has escalated ahead of the March 2012 parliamentary elections and which is contributing to the deterioration of the overall human rights situation in Iran.

    Amnesty International makes recommendations in the report to the Iranian government and members of the new parliament, as well as making calls to the international community.

    When: The report will be released on 28 February 2012 at 0001hrs GMT.

    John Tackaberry,
    Media Relations,
    Amnesty International Canada
    613-744-7667, ext 236