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Russia: Journalist killed after appearing in “assassination list”

    July 09, 2013

    The Russianauthorities must urgently investigate the killing of a journalist this morning in the North Caucasus, Amnesty International said. The authorities must do all in their power to protect activists, lawyers and reporters from intimidation and violence. 

    “Reportingon injustice, human rights violations by members of security forces and corruption in the North Caucasus is a life threatening job,” said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Director at Amnesty International. 

    “Authorities inRussia must stop looking the other way when it comes to attacks on those who dare to speak out about human rights and instead, ensure those responsible for the abuses face the courts.” 

    JournalistAkhmednabi Akhmednabiev was assassinated by an unknown gunman near his home in the village of Semender in Dagestan, Russian Federation, earlier today. 
    Akhmednabiev’s nameand that of another journalist killed in December 2011 appeared on a threatening flier produced by anonymous authors and distributed in Makhachkala, in September 2009. 

    The flier madedeath threats against several independent journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders accusing them of being supporters of armed groups. Those behind the threats have never been identified. 

    This was not thefirst attempt on Akhmednabiev’s life. 
    In January 2013, agunman shot at him four times. The authorities later opened an investigation into the incident but described the attempted assassination as “destruction of property”. 
    A year earlier, thejournalist received an anonymous death threat on his mobile phone.