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Peru: Historic opportunity for the state to end the impunity created by granting grace to Alberto Fujimori in the case of Pativilca

    January 25, 2018
    The hearing due to be held tomorrow morning, 26 January, is a historic opportunity for Peru to put an end to the impunity created by President Kuczynski's decision to grant Alberto Fujimori grace, thereby violating the right of the victims of the Pativilca massacre to truth, justice and reparation, Amnesty International said today.
    On 26 January Court B of the National Criminal Court will rule on the application of the grace granted to Alberto Fujimori in relation to the proceedings brought against him for the murder of six campesinos (peasant farmers) in the town of Pativilca on 29 January 1992, considered crimes against humanity. If applied, the grace would put an end to the criminal proceedings against him, perpetuating impunity and preventing the truth from being uncovered.
    "The decision the judges make affects not only the rights of the victims, but the right of all Peruvians to know the truth about the crimes against humanity that occurred in Pativilca", said Erika Guevara Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International.
    Today, Amnesty International also issued a public statement highlighting Peru's obligation to end the impunity created by President Kuczynski's decision to grant Alberto Fujimori grace and, therefore, prevent his trial for the killing of six people in the town of Pativilca.
    Amnesty International observers will be present during the hearing on 26 January and will follow closely this important decision regarding the application of presidential grace.
    Public Statement
    Additional information
    In 2009, former president Alberto Fujimori was found guilty of killings, kidnappings and serious injuries perpetrated by his subordinates against dozens of people while he was head of state. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity.
    Amnesty International press release following the granting of the pardon and grace to Alberto Fujimori
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    Open letter from Amnesty International to president Kuczynski addressing rumours of the granting of pardon and grace to Alberto Fujimori
    Open Letter to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard, President of Peru, (Index: AMR 46/7332/2017), 20 October 2017,
    Amnesty International public statement one year on from the detention of Alberto Fujimori
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