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Stolen Sisters: A human rights response to discrimination and violence against Indigenous women in Canada

    Activists show solidarity with missing and murdered women, on Parliament Hill, 4 October 2012. Susanne Ure/Amnesty International
    October 04, 2004

    Violence against women, and certainly violence against Indigenous women, is rarely understood as a human rights issue. To the extent that governments, media and the general public do consider concerns about violence against women, it is more frequent for it to be described as a criminal concern or a social issue. It is both of those things of course. But it is also very much a human rights issue. 

    Indigenous women and girls have the right to be safe and free from violence. When a woman is targeted for violence because of her gender or because of her Indigenous identity, her fundamental rights have been abused. And when she is not offered an adequate level of protection by state authorities because or her gender or because of her Indigenous identity, those rights have been violated.

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