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South Sudan: Accountability for International Humanitarian Law Violations

    On December 15, 2015 conflict broke out in South Sudan between forces loyal to the president Salva Kiir and forced loyal to the former vice president Riek Machar. Over the course of the conflict, both parties have committed terrible violations of human rights and international humanitarian law such as mass killings, abductions, rape and other forms of sexual violence, obstruction of humanitarian aid, destruction of civilian property, and recruitment of children into the armed forces.

    The conflict has displaced close to 2 million from their homes, 600,000 of whom have had to flee to neighbouring countries. In a peace agreement signed by the SPLM and by the government of South Suden, both parties committed themselves to forming a transitional government of national unity. However, despite the declaration of a ceasefire by both parties to the conflict, clashes have continued to parts of the Unity state and Upper Nile state.

    A lack of accountability for past abuses have fuelled the conflict, compounded by issues such as the proliferation of arms in the country, negative ethnicity and marginalization. There has been no accountability for human rights violations and abuses committed during the current conflict.

    It is critical for Amnesty to support the establishment of the three bodies and to make substantive contributions and recommendations about the shape their work takes.

    Project Activities

    • A crisis mission to South Sudan and outputs from mission
    • Briefing paper on transitional justice
    • Advocacy mission by UNHRC