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Refugees Welcome Here

    Refugees Welcome Here Banner: More refugees, more fairness, more welcoming communities

    Refugee protection is enjoying a renaissance in Canada, with the generous response of people across the country

     to the dire situation of Syrian refugees. But more needs to be done. 

    Will you make a personal commitment to be a part of refugee protection in Canada?


    3 Actions You Can Take to Welcome Refugees


    1.  Bust a Myth!

    Unfortunately, in our daily lives we see and hear negative myths circulating about refugees. Use the Refugees Welcome Here! campaign materials (below) to help you challenge and rebut negative stereotypes. Refute inaccuracies about refugees: at the dinner table, on social media and in your community newspaper.


    2.  Write it up!

    Tell your Member of Parliament your thoughts on refugee policy. You might start by expressing your support for the federal government’s work to resettle Syrian refugees and its move to restore basic health care to refugees in Canada. Follow up with a request that the government institute a program for speedy reunification of refugee families. 

    Pick up copies of our postcard action at the Toronto office of Amnesty International or order postcards in sets of 10 from Amnesty's online store or click on the image below to download the PDF and print your own postcard action supporting faster timelines for refugee family reunification!  Pour la version française, cliquez ici!



    3.  Lend a Hand!

    Do what you can to help your neighbours, old and new. Can you help a new Canadian to learn conversational English or French? Can you hire a refugee? Refugees are eager to begin contributing to their new home and making a better life for their family. Ask a refugee what they need to feel welcome in your community.







    The Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Network is created a Refugee Photo Project

    Please use these stories to promote youth-lead action, inclusion and welcoming communities, or be inspired to start similar projects in your communities! Click here for details


    Amnesty International is celebrating Canadian Refugee Champions

    Canada is home to millions of Refugee Champions. Refugee Champions include refugees who have made a new home in Canada as well as all those who welcome refugees to Canada.  Refugee Champions are ready to defend the human rights of refugees, including the right to seek asylum and be free from persecution.  Amnesty International is profiling Refugee Champions across Canada. You can add your profile, or that of a friend, to our Refugee Champions site by telling us who you are and why you or your friend(s) are refugee champions!  Click here for details.





    Share our Fact-or-Fiction? GIFs on twitter, facebook and anywhere else online that your friends, families and colleagues meet.

    Right-click the images below to save them to your local drive then share them online.




    Training materials to support your activism. 

    Click to read online or download in powerpoint format.

    How to Lobby your MP
    (2.3 Mb, pptx)

    Who is a Refugee?
    (2.0 Mb, pptx)

    (8.1 Mb, pptx)

    Destination Canada
    (8.4 Mb, pptx)

    Digital Activism
    (683,5 Kb, pptx)






    Refugees Welcome Here! is a collaboration between Amnesty International Canada, Amnistie internationale Canada and the Canadian Council for Refugees. 

    The three organizations have came together to educate Canadians about refugee protection and to promote positive change in Canada’s refugee policy. The overarching philosophy for the campaign is: 

    More refugees. More fairness. More welcoming communities.

    Against the backdrop of Canadians’ generous response to the Syrian refugee crisis, the Refugees Welcome Here! campaign will highlights three themes: 

    1. Refugee family reunification

    2. Fairness for refugee claimants

    3. Protection for refugees from all regions. 

    Key dates in the campaign include: April 4 (Refugee Rights Day in Canada) and June 20 (World Refugee Day). Check with local refugee-supporting agencies to participate in your community.

    Campaign activities are already underway!