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Lifesaver for ages 9 and up -- Peru: Protect a farmer from more harm

    Friday, October 14, 2016 - 11:38

    Máxima Acuña is not giving in to the bullying by a big mining company that wants her land. © Raúl García Pereira / Amnistía Internacional



    Máxima Acuña is a farmer in northern Peru. [Say her name like this: MAXima aKUNia] 

    Máxima lives with her family on land that a big mining company wants. 

    Máxima Acuña has a right to stay on her land. She needs the land for growing crops to feed her family. The mining company wants Máxima’s land so they can take copper and gold from it to sell. 

    The mining company asked police to attack her home to try and make her leave. The latest attack on 18 September 2016 was so bad that Máxima had to be rushed to a hospital. 
    In other attacks, police have even beaten her children. They damaged her home and took beds, clothes, cooking pots and food. Once, armed security guards working for the company destroyed the family’s crops. 

    The mining company is trying to scare Máxima into leaving. But she is not going anywhere. “I will never give up my land”, she says. Neither should anyone.  

    People in her community look up to Máxima Acuña as a leader who defends the land. They have banded together to protect her. We must, too. We must tell Peru to stop the bullying and make sure Máxima and her family are safe.



    Please write to the Minister of Interior in Peru’s government. He is responsible for the safety of all citizens in Peru.

    • Start with Dear Minister.
    • In your first sentence, tell him something about yourself. This will make your message personal and different from all the others he gets.
    • Then explain your concern for the safety of Máxima Acuña and her family. 
    • In your own words, ask the Minister to protect Máxima Acuña and her family from any more threats or attacks. 



    Carlos Basombrío 
    Ministerio del Interior
    Plaza 30 de Agosto s/n Urb. Corpac
    San Isidro 
    Lima, Perú 

    Postage:    $2.50
    Fax:         011 511 418 4030  
    Twitter:     @CarlosBasombrio 

    The arrow on this map of Peru shows the area near Máxima Acuña’s home.



    If she knows she has support, it will give Máxima courage. Send her a colourful postcard, drawing, or message on coloured paper. You could tell her that you have written to the Minister of the Interior asking him to protect her and her family. You will need a $2.50 stamp.

    Máxima Acuña
    c/o Amnistía Internacional Perú
    Calle Manuel A. Fuentes 894
    San Isidro
    Lima, Perú


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