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    Some of the world’s best known companies are selling food and cosmetics containing palm oil from Indonesian plantations on which workers are suffering serious human rights abuses. The company Wilmar International sells palm oil to many popular consumer brand companies. Send a tweet to the following brands asking about their palm oil. We have provided sample tweets below. If you receive a response from the company, you can help by tweeting back. See suggestions below.

    Send Tweets now to the companies involved.

    Nestlé - Kitkat

    .@Nestle does the #palmoil in @Kitkat support child labour? 

    If the company responds, please tweet back
    .@KITKAT @Nestle please tell us what concrete reforms you are asking Wilmar to make to stop labour rights abuses #palmoil


    Unilever - Ben & Jerry’s

    Hey @benandjerrys, where does the #palmoil in your Chocolate Peppermint Crunch come from?

    If the company responds, please tweet back: 
    .@benandjerrys An @amnestyonline investigation shows how useless the certification is for labour rights issues #palmoil


    Colgate Palmolive

    Fulfil your sustainable #palmoil promise @Colgate! Tell your supplier Wilmar to stop abusing their workers now.

    If the company responds, please tweet back: 

    .@Colgate are you asking Wilmar to give  permanent contracts to women workers? #palmoil


    Procter & Gamble – Pantene Shampoo

    Where does the #palmoil in @Pantene shampoo come from? @ProcterGamble will you tell me?



    Where does the #palmoil in my @Eggo come from? @KelloggsUS @kelloggsUK will you tell me?



    .@Dove is kind to your skin, but where does the #palmoil in it come from and is it free from human rights abuses?