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Campaign 2 - Contact Information

Tara Scurr
Fiona Koza

Business and Human Rights Campaigners (Vancouver)
604-294-5160 x103

Elizabeth Berton-Hunter
Media Relations (Toronto)
416-363-9933 x332

Resources - Don't undermine our rights


    Online photo exhibit/slide show

    Powerufl slideshow showing the impact on people and communities who have been affected by mining in Guatemala.

    View online >

    downloadable powerpoint (?? Mb)


    Mailiable postcard action "Protect Human Rights in Guatemala now"

    You may order these postcards by contacting:




    Campaign posters (people can order)

    XXX (dimensions) posters

    Posters can be ordered by contacting:


    REPORT: Transforming pain into hope: Human rights defenders in the Americas

    Human rights defenders in the Americas have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of human rights. However, as the clamour for human rights has grown in strength throughout the region, those at the forefront of these demands continue to be met with threats and violence. Those responsible are rarely brought to justice. Amnesty International urges governments throughout the region to fulfil their obligation to protect human rights defenders and to respect, protect and fulfil human rights for all.

    > Download the Report (pdf)



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