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After 38 years, Estela Barnes de Carlotto has found her grandson

    August 07, 2014

    Yesterday it was confirmed that Estela Barnes de Carlotto, founder of the organization Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, recovered after 38 years of search her grandson who was abducted in June 1978.

    Estela´s daughter, Laura Carlotto, was kidnapped in November 1977, two months pregnant, together with her partner. Laura was able to hold her son for only 5 minutes and she named him Guido, after her father, Estela´s husband. In August 1978 Laura´s lifeless body was rendered to Estela (something unusual for the time).

    The tireless, courageous struggle of Estela and all of the Abuelas and Madres de Plaza de Mayo was a powerful source of inspiration during the years of state terror in Argentina and the years of impunity that followed, despite the return of fragile democracy. Led by indomitable women like Estela, the Madres and Abuelas never gave up hope of finding the children that were stolen from them and refused to be paralysed by fear, even when some of their ranks were also disappeared by the military.

    Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and Estella have the fight for memory, truth and justice in Argentina all these years. Since the recovery of democracy 114 children have been restituted, including Guido. All restitutions have been a reason for joy and celebration, nevertheless this one is specially emblematic given the figure of Estela. 


    During the years of military government from 1976 to 1983 thousands of people were abducted by the security forces and “disappeared”. The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo was established in 1977 by relatives of the “disappeared” to try to find children who had been abducted as well as those born in captivity, many of whom were adopted by members of the security forces.