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China: Huseyin Celil's 50th Birthday

    January 15, 2019

    Canadian Huseyin Celil is about to turn 50 in a Chinese prison. His “crime” was being a human rights activist, peacefully supporting the religious and political rights of the Uighur people who are a minority group. 

    Amnesty supporters in Belleville, Yellowknife, Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton, Vancouver, Oakville and Niagara-on-the-Lake are sending cards to greet him on March 1. Huseyin is far from his family in Burlington and has many more years to serve, so the birthday is not likely to be joyous and the challenge is how to avoid using “Happy Birthday!”

    “We do hope that the cards will help to brighten Huseyin's day a little,” said Marianne Chapelle, a member of the Belleville/Quinte group. The groups also hope that the extra attention on his special day will move the authorities to finally release Huseyin so he can return to his wife and four sons. For more on Huseyin, visit