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Good news for Claudia Medina Tamariz

    February 11, 2015

    A heavy cloud has been lifted from a courageous survivor of torture.

    Mexican authorities have dropped all criminal charges against Claudia Medina Tamariz, a Mexican woman who was tortured and forced into a false confession.

    In 2012, marines broke into the home of Claudia Medina Tamariz, mother of three. They took her away to a local naval base. There, Claudia suffered terrible torture, including electric shocks and sexual assault.

    The torture was aimed at forcing Claudia to incriminate herself in drug-related crimes. To make the torture stop, Claudia signed a piece of paper put before her. She later discovered it was a “confession” to crimes she had not committed.

    Amnesty International members in Canada, and around the world, rallied to support Claudia and express concern to Mexican authorities about was done to her.

    Your efforts have made a difference!

    This is what Claudia had to say when she learned all the charges had been dropped:

    “I want to thank members of Amnesty International all over the world … Many thanks in particular to the more than 300,000 people who sent letters about my case that were delivered to the Attorney General … Now it is clear that I had nothing to do with the things I was accused of.”

    We join Claudia in celebrating this important victory, a victory made possible by the efforts of thousands of Amnesty supporters in Canada.

    But Claudia’s struggle is not over. She is determined to ensure that no one else suffers the horror of torture.  This means bringing those responsible for torture to account and pressing all countries to take effective action to end torture everywhere, no exceptions.

    You can help! Please sign our e-petition 

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