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Guatemala: action promised on Maria Isabel Franco’s case

    April 17, 2013

    letters send by Amnesty members in support of Maria Isabel FrancoGreat news! After Guatemalan Vice President Roxana Baldetti received over 1,000 letters from around the world on Maria Isabel Franco's case, she has promised to act in support of the murder investigation - and on violence against women in Guatemala more generally.

    Maria's case was featured in Amnesty International's worldwide letter-writing event Write for Rights, held every year on December 10th, International Human Rights Day.

    "As a state we still have some work to do, but as Vice President I am committed to the goal that, by the end of the administration of President Otto Perez Molina, the conditions of the Guatemalan population - and especially women and girls - will have been significantly improved."

    "As a woman, as a wife and mother, I have a commitment, not only political, but human mainly towards this sector. Greatly appreciate the support you can give us from their country."

    - Guatemalan Vice President Roxana Baldetti 

    Thank you to everyone who took action in recent months to demand justice for Maria Isabel Franco. A response like this proves that we can make a real difference with our work.

    Here's what we've helped make happen in Guatemala:

    - the establishment of a Special Cabinet for Women (Gabinete Específico de la Mujer); a forum to set and implement policies on women’s rights

    - plans for adequate facilities to attend victims of sexual violence in hospitals across the country

    We hope this is the first step in bringing the killers of María Isabel Franco to justice, and for creating a better, safer environment for women and girls in Guatemala.