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Letters give hope to Yecenia Armenta

    March 08, 2016


    “When I receive all these letters saying that I’m not alone, it makes me feel great. And I think, yes, it’s true, I’m not alone. They really are supporting me.”


    On January 29, 2016, Amnesty International visited Yecenia Armenta in prison and to deliver your letters of solidarity. Yecenia has spent more than three years in prison based on a "confession" she gave under torture. Worldwide attention was given to her case last December 10th during Amnesty International's global letter-writing event on International Human Rights Day.

    Yecenia is in good spirits and says she is immensely grateful for all the support she has been receiving from Amnesty International supporters:

    “It makes me happy. It’s exciting to think that there are people who still care about the rights of other people…and they don’t even know me, ” she says.

    “I am immensely grateful and I think they [the activists writing letters] are doing the nicest thing you can do, which is helping people who are facing such unjust situations. It fills me with pride and I truly feel that it’s a wonderful thing.”

    “I read all of them [the solidarity letters]! There was one from someone whose name I think is Annie, and I loved it because she told me about life in her city, what she likes to do…it was more personal and with lots of details about her and I loved that. I loved that she took the time and wanted to share part of her life with me.”

    Amnesty International was in Mexico to interview Yecenia and officials to investigate any progress on her case, and to help assess the impact of our global campaign on her case. We presented Yecenia with more than 8,000 solidarity letters from Amnesty supporters from Mexico to Norway, and as far away as Taiwan. 

    We also met with Sinaloa State Attorney General, and presented him with more than 6,500 petitions. The Attorney General told us that he has received many letters, but was unable to confirm any immediate action being taken to address Yecenia's torture complaint.

    Thank you so much to Amnesty supporters who have signed our petition for Yecenia, and sent her personal messages of solidarity. Please continue to help us campaign on Yecenia's behalf.

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