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Poet and journalist Shi Tao released in China

    September 09, 2013

    Shi Tao was released on 23 August 23, 2013. Shi Tao served eight years and four months in prison, and his sentence was reduced by 15 months.

    Shi Tao releasedThank you to everyone who wrote on behalf of Shi Tao. His case was featured prominently in Write for Rights 2007, when Amnesty International supporters worldwide wrote letters on December 10th, International Human Rights Day, urging his release.

    A journalist and poet, Shi Tao was sentenced in 2004 to a 10-year prison sentence for sending an email summarizing a Chinese Central Propaganda Department communiqué on how journalists should handle the 15th anniversary of the crackdown on the 1989 pro-democracy movement.

    Following his release, Shi Tao told Amnesty that his life is getting back to normal. He is recovering and resting right now. A lot of friends have visited him and he has not faced any restrictions on his movements since his release. 

    He shares these words of thanks to members of Amnesty International:

    “I am sincerely grateful to your [Amnesty International’s] sustained support and attention to my mother and me over these years.  The support and encouragement of friends from around the world have helped my mother and me through the difficult and lonely times.  I received your letters and postcards but haven’t read them all. I will read them one by one. Thank you all.”

    “我由衷感謝你们[Amnesty International] 对我和妈妈在这些年来的长久支持和关注。这些年来的各方好友的支持帮助我和我妈妈度过孤独艰难的时刻。你们的明信片和信件已经收到了, 我还没有全部看完,我会慢慢逐一地看。谢谢你们!”

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