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Poet freed in the Philippines

    March 25, 2013

    Ericson Acosta, a Philippine poet and activist detained on trumped-up charges for almost two years, was released in January—after all charges against him were dropped.

    This is great news, not just for Ericson Acosta himself, but also for accountability and justice in the Philippines”, said Amnesty International’s Isabelle Arradon.

    Ericson Acosta was first arrested in February 2011 by the military. He was eventually charged with the illegal possession of explosives. The charges had no merit and Amnesty declared him to be a prisoner of conscience and campaigned for his freedom.

    After his release, Acosta thanked supporters, including Amnesty members, for their solidarity: “In jail, I yearned for sea and sky. Freedom cannot be achieved by mere yearning, only by struggle...I would personally thank everyone who campaigned for my release—my family, lawyers, friends, former classmates and colleagues, fellow artists and human rights advocates.”