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Progress in Burkina Faso to stop early and forced marriage

    March 08, 2016
    Pictured above: Girls who are victims of early and forced marriage as well as early pregnancy at the FOCEB shelter admiring solidarity letters and postcards sent as part of Write for Rights 2015. Amnesty International Burkina Faso volunteers prepared the wall display for the girls, most of whom have been disowned by their families.


    Burkina Faso's Ministry of Justice, Human Rights, and Civic Promotion has affirmed the government's commitment to eradicating early and forced marriage.

    The ministry plans to raise the legal age of marriage for girls to 18 years and to ensure that forced marriage is clearly defined in Burkina Faso's criminal code.

    This is a huge victory for women's rights and for children's rights, and we couldn't have achieved this commitment from officials in Burkina without the activism of Amnesty supporters like you. Last year, during Write for Rights 2015, thousands of Amnesty International supporters sent letters and emails to the government, urging them to do much more on this issue. Officials have publicly acknowledged hearing from you. 

    While we celebrate this great news, there's still more that we can—and must—do. Women and girls in Burkina Faso are often denied access to contraception and essential sexual health information and services due to cost, lack of information, travel distances, and social stigma.

    We continue to see the power of standing with women and girls around the world and raising our collective voices for human rights. Thank you! 

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