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Rebiya Kadeer's son Ablikim has been released from prison!

    June 05, 2015
    Ablikim Abdiriyim released from prison

    Ablikim Abdiriyim was released from prison on May 31, 2015, after completing his sentence and is now safe with his family.

    His deteriorating health and the harsh prison conditions, which included torture and solitary confinement, in China makes his release even more welcome.

      Rebiya Kadeer 

    Like his mother, prominent Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer, Ablikim was in prison for defending the rights of the Uighur minority in China. And like her, the Chinese authorities threw him in jail for standing up for human rights. And they hurt him, tortured him, in part to punish Rebiya for all her activism. Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience and campaigned tirelessly demanding his release.

    Rebiya said that she believes efforts by the international community helped to protect him during his detention:

    “My son came out alive, and for that I am happy … I believe this is due to the concern shown by the international community and rights organizations, as well as pressure from western governments on Beijing.”

    Thank you for your support of Ablikim, Rebiya, and Amnesty’s efforts to keep them safe. Thank you to the thousands of Amnesty supporters who responded to appeals from Rebiya to help her son and sent messages of support during his detention.

    Watch video to learn more about Ablikim's case