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Video message from released journalist Mohamed Fahmy

    February 18, 2016

    A message from journalist Mohamed Fahmy 


    "To know that people are tweeting, rallying, petitioning for your release does count for something and it keeps you going."

    - Mohamed Fahmy


    Watch video from journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who was detained in an Egypt.

    Canadian-Egypian journalists Mohamed Fahmy had been detained after a grossly unfair trial along with fellow journalists Australian Peter Greste and Egyptian Baher Mohamed on December 29 December 2013, and were entenced to seven years in jail. All were considered by Amnesty International to be prisoners of conscience. Their "crime" was simply reporting the news and challenging the “official version” presented by the authorities. If convicted, they could have faced up to life imprisonment. 

    Peter Greste was freed in February 2015 after a year in prison, and Fahmy and colleague Baher Mohamed were finally released on 23 September after Egypt’s president pardoned them, along with several other prominent activists jailed on trumped up charges linked to their activism or protesting. Upon his release Fahmy thanked Amnesty International for what he called its “endless support” in the case and Baher Mohamed has also extended his gratitude to the organization.

    The arrest of journalists Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy and Peter Greste led to an international outcry

    THANK YOU to all Amnesty International members in Canada and around the world who spoke out loudly in their defence!

    Since his release, Mohamed Fahmy has been working with Amnesty International and other organizations in Canada to develop a "Protection Charter" to ensure that effective action is taken for other Canadians detained abroad.



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