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The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    In four years, the brutal conflict in Syria has produced over four million refugees. Most are in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan where resources are stretched beyond the breaking point. A growing number of refugees are faced with the impossible choice between remaining in desperate conditions or making terrifying journeys and risking their lives to escape endless suffering. This is now a global crisis.

    To date, Canada’s commitment to resettling refugees has been modest and processing rates painfully slow.  In the face of this mounting crisis, it is time for Canada to act decisively and generously to open up places of safety for those fleeing conflict.

    Our Call to Action: 8 key steps Canada must take 

    1. Amnesty International welcomes the Government commitment to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada by the end of February 2016. This needs to be followed up with similar generous sustained commitments to all refugees in the upcoming year.

    2. We need to expedite family resettlement. Syrians with family in Canada should be reunited immediately with the paperwork and processing happening after their arrival in Canada.

    3. Private sponsorship of Syrian refugees – the impulse for which has erupted so naturally and generously across the country – needs to be well supported and the many barriers that slow it down have to be lifted.

    4. There needs to be a dramatic increase in the levels of financial, human and logistical resources that are so necessary to ensure speedy processing. There has to be a significant and immediate boost.  Otherwise, no matter the commitments, no matter the aspiration – this will all be an illusion.

    5. Doing more to assist Syrian refugees cannot come at the expense of other refugees from other parts of the world.  Our commitment to refugees fleeing conflict and persecution in other countries must continue.

    6. Canada has been generous in providing funding to UN and humanitarian agencies working with refugees and IDPs on the ground in Syria and neighbouring countries. But still those needs remain dramatically underfunded. Canada should keep writing those cheques and pushing and encouraging other nations to do similarly.

    7. Alongside these moves Canada can and should intensify its efforts to find a resolution to the crisis in Syria that has provoked such massive displacement. One place to start would be to work for a comprehensive global arms embargo against Syria.

    8. Finally, we need coordination, political will and leadership.  Government leaders must embrace language, policies and practices which communicate that Canada welcomes refugees.


    What You Can Do

    1. Sign and share Amnesty’s online action calling on the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to maintain Canada’s contribution to the Syrian refugee crisis.

    2. Share your thoughts and articles via social media using these hashtags: #Syria #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeesWelcome #OpenToSyria

    3. Look for non-partisan #RefugeesWelcome events in your area and get involved. 

    4. Join our photo action on Tumblr asking governments to #OpenToSyria.

    5. Use and distribute the “My Door is Open to Refugees” door hanger:

    My Door Is Open for Refugees (front: includes facts about refugees in Canada)
    My Door Is Open for Refugees (without facts about refugees)


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