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Sterilization of Indigenous women in Canada without Consent

    Amnesty International is advocating alongside partner organizations to end forced and coerced sterilization of Indigenous peoples in Canada. We are calling on government to do three things: investigate it, stop it, and ensure justice for survivors.

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    Sign our online petition to the government of Canada

    Write a letter to provincial and territorial health ministers

    Collect petition signatures

    Learn more

    Backgrounder on the issue

    Interview with leading expert Alisa Lombard

    Joint civil society statement to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    Sterilizing women without consent is torture, says UN Committee

    Amnesty International Submission to Senate Human Rights Committee on Sterilization without Consent

    Amnesty International Submission to House of Commons Standing Committee on Health on Sterilization without Consent

    "He doesn't think another Indian girl should bear children": Morningstar Mercredi on being sterilized without her consent

    Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights report on forced and coerced sterilization

    Where to disclose

    If you are an Indigenous woman in Canada and you have been sterilized without your free, full, and informed consent, and you want to confidentially disclose what happened to you, you may wish to contact Semaganis Worm Lombard Law, the Indigenous law firm leading the proposed class action law suit representing Indigenous women who were sterilized without their consent. See Semaganis Worme Lombard Law website for details. You can fill out their online form, and an Indigenous woman lawyer will contact you by phone. Health supports are available from Hope for Wellness Helpline.

    Further reading

    Amended statement of claim, proposed class action law suit, Saskatchewan

    External Review: Tubal ligation in the Saskatoon Health Region: The Lived Experience of Aboriginal Women

    UN Committee Against Torture, recommendations to Canada

    House of Commons Standing Committee on Health letter to Cabinet Ministers, July 2019


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