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Click to Call Bill C 97

    Call for refugee rights


    The federal government plans to significantly roll back the human rights of refugees, and it is hurrying these rights restrictions into law by including it in the federal budget (Bill C-97). We need help to make sure that Parliament gives serious thought to the harm these changes will cause for those seeking asylum in Canada.  Using the quick tool below, join the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, the Canadian Council for Refugees, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and Amnesty International Canada in calling on Parliament to reject the rights-violating amendments to IRPA proposed in Bill C-97. 

    The new restriction would stop any refugee claimant from having an independent hearing to decide on their claim, if they previously filed a refugee claim in the United States and in certain other countries. 

    It wouldn’t matter when they filed their previous claim, the conditions for refugee claimants in those countries, or whether those countries provide the same protections as Canada -- these people would no longer get a fair and independent hearing at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.  

    Starting on April 29th, the Finance Committee began discussing Bill C-97, and planned to also discuss the refugee law changes. This despite the fact that the Finance Committee has no expertise in the area of refugee law. 

    But thanks to the action you and people like you took, these amendments will now be studied by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. 

    Still our work is not done. 

    We need your help to call on the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration to reject the amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) proposed in Bill C-97 which would roll back refugee rights by preventing refugees from getting a fair hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board. 


    To phone your Member of Parliament fill out the form and click the yellow MAKE THE CALL button. 

    You will receive a phone call at the number you provided and then you will be connected to the office of the office of your MP.  

    You might not reach your MPs office directly. You might reach a staff member or an answering machine. Ask them to pass your message on to your Member of Parliament. 

    You don’t need to say more than a few words to let your Member of Parliament know that you are concerned and want them to do the right thing.  

    If you get a busy signal, that means that your Member of Parliament is hearing from lots of other people like you. Be sure to try again later.  

    REMEMBER: Lots of people feel nervous about calling an authority. Your Member of Parliament receives calls all day from members of the public about issues relevant to their portfolio. So don’t be shy! Your phone call will make an enormous difference and help your Member of Parliament understand that this should be a priority. 

    Here is a simple message for you to say:

    My name is _____ and I live in (name of city). I am deeply concerned about changes to refugee law that are being proposed in Bill C-97. The proposed changes mean that refugees can be denied an impartial hearing with the Immigration and Refugee board if their initial refugee claim is refused.  This change would see human rights chipped away at in a refugee status determination system that is considered a world leader. I urge you to reject the ammendments proposed in Bill C-97.  

    If you wish to use your own words instead of using our sample script, here are some key points to mention:

    • Your name and city/province. 

    • Change to refugee rights should not be rushed through in an omnibus budget bill like Bill C-97. 

    • The proposed changes mean that thousands of refugees could be denied an impartial hearing at the Immigration and Refugee board.  

    • A proposed oral hearing before a Citizenship and Immigration Officer instead of an independent tribunal member will not protect the rights of refugee claimants to a full and fair hearing.  

    • Therefore, I call on you to reject these amendments which would see human rights be slowly chipped away in a refugee status determination system that is considered a world leader.