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Mission to South Sudan 2012

    Mission to South Sudan 2012

    In April/May 2012 Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada, visited South Sudan as part of a mission to investigate the situation facing displaced person who have been forced from their homes by violence along the Sudan/South Sudan border.

    Watch a video report on this human rights crisis


    Read mission reports posted during Alex's visit to South Sudan.

    June 7
    Sudan/South Sudan: Time to end the crisis

    May 10
    From Yida, to New York and Washington

    April 24
    Sudanese air strikes threaten humanitarian efforts in South Sudan

    April 20
    The human rights crisis behind the political spat

    April 19
    When bombs make you flee

    April 18
    South Sudan mission: Why it Matters

    April 17
    'We came here for education, nothing else'

    April 16
    “We can run away from bombs, but we can’t run away from hunger”