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Universal Jurisdiction: UN General Assembly should support this essential international justice tool

    October 05, 2010

    In this paper Amnesty International provides some additional information to that provided in the Secretary-General’s analytical report concerning 44 state reports, as well as information on legislation and practice in some states which have not submitted reports to the Secretary-General. In particular, the organization brings to the attention of states information compiled and analyzed in its September 2001 722-page global study of state practice concerning universal jurisdiction in approximately 125 states, its review of universal civil jurisdiction, a study of state practice concerning aut dedere aut judicare published in February 2009 and its recent steps to update the September 2001 global study in its No safe haven series on universal jurisdiction in each of the 192 UN member states. In addition, Amnesty International notes some of the extensive information available from intergovernmental organizations, international criminal courts and other international organizations that is not discussed in the Secretary-General’s analytical report.