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    Defenders around the world need your help!

    Human rights defenders are people who stand up for justice in sometimes extraordinary circumstances. But they are under attack. Around the world, these brave people who take a stand are being undermined by smear campaigns, government surveillance, unjust imprisonment and forced disappearance. Thousands have been killed. We all want to live in a world where justice is possible and human rights are protected. But that is only possible if human rights defenders are protected. We must defend the defenders.

    We defend them. Will you?

    Idil Eser

    A court in Turkey has just sent several human rights defenders to prison including Amnesty's Turkey Director İdil Eser, and Chair Taner Kılıç. These human rights defenders have been locked up when they are needed most in Turkey; independant media has been silenced, and speaking out comes at a high cost. None of these defeners have done anything wrong, yet they have been falsely accused of committing crimes in the name of a terrorist organization.

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    Narges Mohammadi is a prominent human rights advocate in Iran campaigning for justice and gender equality, and against the death penalty in Iran. She should be lauded for her courage and efforts. Instead she’s been sentences to 22 years in prison following an unfair trial for trumped up national-security related charges. Her convictions are based solely on her peaceful human rights work and she has previously been imprisoned for her peaceful advocacy.

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    Read the latest blog on Narges' case

    Elena Milashina

    Elena is a journalist for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which published a story about the abduction, torture, and killing of men in Chechnya who are believed to be gay.

    But now Elena and other journalists at Novaya Gazeta are facing serious threats from influential people in Chechnya, and journalist Elena Milashina has been forced to flee.

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    Rafeal Maldonado

    Pedro Rafael Maldonado is a passionate and dedicated human rights lawyer in Guatemala. As the legal director of the Centre for Environmental, Social and Legal Action (CALAS) he provides environment and water defenders with legal counsel to help them protect their rights. Someone wants to stop Rafael’s important work; for several years Rafael and his colleagues have been threatened, harassed and attacked.

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    Learn more about territory, water, and land defenders in Guatemala


    Bertha Zuniga Caceres

    In March 2016 award winning environmental defender and Lenca Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres was assisinated. Over a year later leaders of COPINH are still under attack. On June 30th, 2017, Berta's daughter Bertha Isabel Zúniga Cáceres, and 2 other COPINH leaders had the vehicle they were travelling attacked by machete wielding assailants.

    TAKE ACTION NOW to protect Bertha Isabel Zúniga Cáceres >>

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    Learn more about territory, water, and land defenders in Honduras




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