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LGBTI Rights

    Join Amnesty International as we march in the Ottawa Pride parade! The parade starts at 1:30pm, so we will meet at 12:30pm. The pre-parade meeting spot is on Argyle Street between Bank & O'Connor. It will be closed off to traffic. If you arrive before 11am, that's where we'll be. Our 'call time' is at 11am, which means we'll get taken to our spot in the parade. Someone will post an update to this page once we know where our spot is.

    We will have signs, stickers, and other Amnesty swag for marchers!

    We will also have a table at the community fair following the parade, with actions is support of LGBTI refugees, gay men in Chechnya, and equal rights in Japan - leave a comment if you would like to volunteer to staff the table! No previous experience required.


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