5 Actions You Can Take on World Refugee Day

1. Learn more about refugee sponsorship

Thousands of refugees are in urgent need of Canadian sponsors. Click here to learn more about refugee sponsorship and how you can help.


2. Add a ‘World Refugee Day’ frame Facebook profile picture

Add a link to this blog or our Operation Sponsor Surge page to your photo caption. Click here to add the ‘World Refugee Day’ frame to your Facebook profile picture.


3. Donate needed items

Get in contact with any local organizations working with refugees. Ask if they are accepting donations, and if so, what items would be most useful. Feel free to get your friends and family involved in donating as well!


4. Take an online course on refugee rights

Learn from the experts, campaigners and activists at Amnesty International on how to identify human rights violations and to claim, defend and promote the human rights of refugees. Click here to sign up for the online course.


5. Ask for the Safe Third Country agreement to be rescinded

Canada must act immediately to distance its refugee policy from the USA and rescind the Safe Third Party agreement so that refugee claimants who turn to Canada are able to do so. Click here to urge Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to rescind the ‘Safe Third Country’ agreement immediately.