Extraction! Using Graphic Novels to Talk about Human Rights

You probably already know that Canadian mining companies explore the world looking for gold, silver and other precious metals. But did you know that Canadian companies also regularly export big servings of human rights abuses alongside their mining projects?

To help Amnesty activists talk about the links between overseas mining, human rights, and corporate accountability in Canada, we’ve teamed up with Ad Astra Comix. Together, we bring you Extraction!. Extraction! is a graphic novel about uranium, oil, aluminium and gold mining and its devastating impact on people and the environment in Canada, India and Guatemala.

The project also aims to help young activists understand how Canadian foreign and trade policies influence the ways Canadian companies behave overseas and what legal and policy changes are needed to ensure Canada meets its human rights obligations and Canadian companies respect human rights in practice. Art inspires activism which inspires art – the Graphic Novel Project will be an entry point to these larger conversations about corporate accountability and access to justice.

Interested in being part of this project? Everyone who signs up to the Extraction! Project will receive a copy of the graphic novel and a campaign kit. The kit will contain information you need to work on the project throughout the school year including an activity guide and workshops, background information, Q&A, and actions you can take. Order your kit today and get access to materials and support from Amnesty’s Corporate Accountability Team and the National Youth & Student Program.

Reach us at youth@amnesty.ca for more information or to order your kit!