‘Stop Paving Over our Rights’ Comic Book Ready for Distribution

We are pleased to announce that Amnesty International Canada has recently printed 5,000 copies of our latest comic book titled “Stop Paving over our Rights: How to have fewer cars, less pollution, and better transportation for all.” The idea of the comic book is adapted from our comprehensive climate justice policy document, “Stop Burning our Rights: What governments and corporations must do to protect humanity from the climate crisis.”

The comic books are now ready for distribution from our Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver offices. If you are interested in getting a copy or distributing the comic book within your community, please feel free to reach out to afry@amnesty.ca

How to have Fewer Cars, Less Pollution, and Better Transportation for All

One of the policy recommendations included in this document is urging governments to stop spending public funding on “urban highway expansions and instead promote the development of low-carbon transportation infrastructure”.

Transportation stands as the second-largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in Canada. Expanding highways would only exacerbate the climate crisis, further entrench our dependence on fossil fuels, and infringe upon our rights to a healthy environment. Our comic book serves as a powerful medium to shed light on these pressing challenges and emphasizes the urgent need for meaningful climate action.

Take Action!

Read and distribute the full Stop Paving Over Our Rights comic.

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Learn more about energy transition and just transportation.

Write a letter to Canada’s ministers, Dominic LeBlanc and Steven Guilbeault, and ask them to Stop Paving Over Our Rights.