30 days for refugees – Day 16

There are lots of people – politicians, celebrities, thought leaders – around the world who care deeply and passionately about refugees.

You can learn from them and you can help highlight what they say and do on social media.

Find those key, influential people and follow them – share what they post, tell them about what you’re doing as they may share this with their own networks, and you might be surprised at how much you get out of this.

Take Councillor Joe Mihevc, for example. He is City Councillor in Toronto and is also the refugee advocate for the city of Toronto. Himself the son of refugees, he feels it was “part of his DNA” and he is passionate about welcoming refugees to Toronto and making sure they settle well.

You can find out more about Joe here:

There are many people like him, perhaps even some in your local area, so find them and follow what they do and say to help spread their influence even further.