Daily tweeting

In collaboration with the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, we are launching a daily tweet-your-MP campaign that will continue until an effective ombudsperson is in place with the #Power2Investigate. Please join us!

We’re in a stand-off. Signs show that an ombudsperson may be appointed soon, but we are worried about the government delivering on its promise of real investigatory powers. 

We need everyone’s voice to help convince the Government of Canada to stand strong and to keep its promise to respect international human rights!

It all comes down to the #Power2Investigate. Companies alleged to have committed human rights abuses are unlikely to voluntarily participate in a robust investigation needed to hold them accountable. Canada must immediately appoint an effective ombudspersonwith the #Power2Investigate.
Join us online for a daily twitter storm!  

  • Step 1: Grab something to write on – a piece of paper, a whiteboard, a window, the snow…Get creative!
  • Step 2: Write #Power2Investigate and take a picture. 
  • Step 3: Use that photo in a daily tweet to your Member of Parliament. Write your own or use one of the samples below.
  • Step 4: Tag your MP (you can look up your MP’s Twitter handle), members of cabinet and the Prime Minister. They all need to hear the message! @AICanadaBHR, @open4justice, @JustinTrudeau, @MinJusticeEn, @cathmckenna, @cafreeland, @SohiAmarjeet, @janephilpott, @gmbutts, @telfordk, @jimcarr_wpg and please remember to tag us too at @AICanadaBHR @amnestynow @Open4Justice

Sample tweets:

  1. Over a year ago, the Canadian government committed to take meaningful action and create an #ombuds with the #power2investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian companies abroad. The ombuds must have the power to compel documents and testimony. Anything less is a broken promise.
  2. An effective #ombuds to investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian companies is good for everyone…for impacted communities, for civil society, for government, and for business. But to be effective, it must have real #power2investigate, including power to compel #Open4Justice