Lobby Your MP: Amnesty’s Human Rights Agenda

Amnesty International is pressing the Canadian government to take decisive action on human rights at home and on the world stage during 2019. The call comes as we release our annual Human Rights Agenda for Canada, pressing the federal government to build on progress seen in 2018 while addressing ongoing serious human rights shortcomings.

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>>> 2019 Human Rights Agenda – Building Hope, Addressing Injustice

We need your help! We’re asking all Amnesty supporters to reach out to their Member of Parliament and encourage them to shore up human rights in 2018. Every MP and Senator has received a copy of our 2019 Human Rights Agenda – it’s up to you to make sure they follow through. 

Here’s how: 

1. Register With Us 

Let us know that you’re interested in lobbying by completing our registration form. We’ll keep you updated on future opportunities to lobby your elected officials, training opportunities, and more. 

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2. Find Your MP 

You can find your MP by entering your postal code here>>>

Once you’ve found your MP, you can learn more about their roles and affiliations under “Roles.” Is your MP part of a committee? The more you know about your MP, the better you can direct your concerns. For example, if your MP is a member of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development they might be particularly interested in hearing our concerns related to the Site C Dam. 

Note: If your MP is a Minister, please reach out to us at lobby@amnesty.ca for advice. 

3. Pick Your Method 

There are many ways to lobby your MP, from Twitter to in-person meetings. Pick the method that works for you – every message counts! 

Email or Call Your MP

Tweet Your MP


Meet Your MP 

Members of Parliament are responsible to their constituents, so don’t be reluctant to request an in-person meeting. Your MP wants to hear from you! 

To request a meeting, call their consituency office. Indicate that you are a consituent and that you are calling to request a meeting to discuss Amnesty International’s Human Rights Agenda. 

A staff person in your MP’s office may offer to meet with you if your MP is not available. These meetings will still allow you to express your concerns and pass along information to your Member of Parliament. 

Once you’ve booked your meeting, you can reach out to lobby@amnesty.ca for lobbying tips and advice. 

For more advice about lobbying, please view our training slideshow. 


4. Let us Know! 

Email lobby@amnesty.ca to tell us that you participated and how it went.