Summer Activism: Tabling Toolbox

Amnesty International is a global network made up of 7 million supporters, activists and volunteers, united by the commitment to freedom and human rights for all.

But how did we get this big?

One of most critical tactics for activists to help build our networks is to get the word out about who we are and what we do. This is where tabling comes in.
Tabling is an important and essential tool for recruiting new members, gathering signatures and building support for your groups’ work. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the visibility of Amnesty International in your community or at your school.


Practical Tabling Guide

  • This guide walks you through all the steps of tabling from finding opportunities, coordinating logistics, choosing an issue, outreach techniques and follow up. If you are new to tabling we recommend you start here. 

Tabling Tutorial

  • Check out this video outlining good tabling and outreach techniques.

Tabling and Outreach Form

  • Here is a form, you or the community partner you are coordinating with, can fill out to help coordinate the logistics of tabling opportunities.

Amnesty Sign Up Sheet

  • Here is a group sign up list! Along with our petitions we should always be asking if people are interested in getting involved with Amnesty locally.


  • Order Amnesty Materials and Swag 

Petition Library

  • Here are the up to date printable petitions.

Activism Guide

  • We will always highlight Amnesty Canada’s priority actions here in the Activism Guide. 

Written by: Ayendri Ishani Perera, Regional Activism Coordinator for Western Canada and the Territories