To the Canadian government, provinces and municipalities: Can we get some real action on climate change?

People understand climate change as an environmental issue of course, but tend to forget that it affects our basic human rights too. The rights to life, health, food, water, housing, security and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

While all of us are affected by climate change, disadvantaged communities around the world and right here in Canada –  that have done the least to cause climate change – will be hit the hardest.  From those who live in coastal communities, to poorer communities who experience toxic and polluted air, and indigenous people who frequently live and depend on fragile ecosystems that are in danger.

Climate change is a crisis. And the Canadian government must act like it is. 

The response of the Canadian government so far has been lethargic in commitment and inadequate in response. 

Simply put –  Canada needs to do more, and do more now! 

Amnesty Canada’s specialised team of climate justice volunteers write letters every month to Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal (local) governments – we demand urgent climate action to safeguard each and every one of our basic human rights. 

What do we ask for from Canada, provinces, territories and municipalities?

  • A rapid phase out of fossil fuels.
  • A shift to clean, renewable energy sources.
  • The transition to a zero carbon future must be achieved in a way that is consistent with human rights (i.e. it must be a “just transition”). 
  • Indigenous communities and Nations must be included as full partners at climate policy decision-making tables.

What can you do?

Write to Canada’s Prime Minister, to your provincial premier, and your municipal government – tell them that the longer we wait, the worse the climate effects will be and the more vulnerable we all become. Letter templates and addresses are provided below.

Thanks for your time and action!

Husnah Mad-hy and Ian Heide

ps If you want more information on the work of Amnesty International on climate change issues, please see our website here: If you are interested in joining Amnesty’s specialized team of climate justice volunteers, please contact Elena at

TAKE ACTION Send a letter (or email) to the Canadian government (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, and your Member of Parliament), your Provincial/Territorial Premier, and your municipal government (i.e. your Mayor or City Council). Addresses are provided below.

In your letter introduce yourself, explain why you are concerned about climate change, and call for the following:

-A rapid phase out of fossil fuels and a shift to clean renewable energy. Underscore that this must be achieved in a manner that reduces inequalities and respects human rights.

-Indigenous communities and Nations to be included as full partners at climate policy decision-making tables.

-People harmed by climate change must have access to remedy (e.g. compensation).


Prime Minister:

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change:

Member of Parliament (search here by providing your postal code):

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney:

British Columbia Premier John Horgan:

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister:

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs:

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey:

Northwest Territories Premier Caroline Cochrane:

Nova Scocia Premier Ian Rankin:

Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford:

Prince Edward Island Premier Dennis King:

Quebec Premier François Legault:

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe:

Yukon Premier Sandy Silver:

Your Mayor/City Council: Find on your municipality’s website