Lifesaver for ages 9 and up — Pakistan: Where is Idris Khattak?


Idris Khattak is a researcher and a father of two daughters. Last November, he went missing. 

From what we know, Idris Khattak was driving home from a trip to Islamabad when four men stopped his car. They put a black hood over his head and took him away to a secret place. The men were not wearing uniforms but Amnesty International thinks they work for the government. 

Amnesty also thinks that Idris Khattak was forced to disappear as punishment for reporting on human rights violations. In fact, Idris Khattak has worked with Amnesty International to inform us about the violations of basic rights that he was seeing.

Idris Khattak’s daughters worry about the health of their father. He is probably not getting the medication he needs regularly for diabetes. Every day is painful for them because they don’t know where he is.

Sadly, disappearances like this are common in Pakistan. 

Well, that’s not right. People shouldn’t just be captured and taken away without any explanation. 

It’s not right that family members are left to wonder where their loved ones are. 

It’s not right that the missing people are in extreme danger since their captors keep them out of sight. 

And it’s not right that powerful people can make people disappear just to keep them silent.

So let’s take action together. Your letter could be a life saver!  


Please write to Pakistan’s prime minister.

  • Start your letter with Your Excellency. 
  • Then if you wish, you could just write WHERE IS IDRIS KHATTAK? in big letters and XXX wants to know. Replace XXX with your name and add your town and country.
  • If you plan to write a full letter, start with Your Excellency and tell him something about yourself such as your age or your favourite activity to make your message different from others he will receive.
  • Then explain how men dressed in plain clothes captured researcher Idris Khattak on November 13, 2019 at the Swabi Interchange between Islamabad and his home.
  • Ask him to find Idris Khattak and then tell his daughters where he is. Ask him to make sure Idris Khattak is not harmed and has all the medical care he needs.
  • Urge the prime minister to release Idris Khattak if he is being held against his will only because of his peaceful work in reporting on human rights violations.


Prime Minister Imran Khan
Prime Minister’s Office
Constitution Avenue G-5/2
Islamabad, Pakistan

Postage:    $2.71
Fax:         011 92 51 921 5519


We don’t know where Idris Khattak is so we can’t send him a message of courage. But it would help a lot if Pakistan’s representative to Canada knows that people in this country are worried about Idris Khattak. Please send a copy of your message to

His Excellency Raza Bashir Tarar 
High Commissioner for Pakistan 
10 Range Road
Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 8J3
Postage:    $1.07
Fax:         613 238 7296

If you have not received this Lifesaver directly from Amnesty International’s Toronto office and would like future actions, reach us at There is no cost.