Party With Idil on October 14th

In July 2017, our friend and colleague İdil Eser, the Director of Amnesty Turkey, was detained along with nine other human rights defenders in Istanbul. Currently eight of them are in prison and two are on bail, all are facing an investigation under anti-terrorism laws. Yet they have done nothing wrong.

It came only a month after Amnesty Turkey’s Chair, Taner Kılıç was detained, also unfairly. He remains in prison.

On 14 October 2017, Amnesty will hold a global day of action demanding their release to coincide with Idil’s birthday. We need you to help us celebrate Idil’s birthday by taking a solidarity photo. Amnesty supporters around the world will be throwing birthday parties and taking photos. The images will be shared with Idil and her family to let them know we are thinking of her, and will let others know that we are in solidarity with human rights defenders in Turkey.

Join us as we #PartyWithIdil! 


>>> RSVP to our Facebook event to let us know you’re joining the party. 

On October 14th, “check-in” to the event to let everyone know you’re participating.

To check-in:

  • Open the “Discussion” on the event page.
  • Click “Write Something” and use the “Check In” button 
  • Use your current location to check-in.
  • Wish Idil a happy birthday!


Take a solidarity photo to celebrate Idil’s birthday and let her know you are thinking of her.

1. Download and print our birthday sign.

2. Write a birthday message to Idil. Consider including your location.

3.Share your message on social media. Use the hashtags #PartyWithIdil and #FreeRights Defenders and be sure to tag us (@AmnestyNow on Twitter, @amnestycanada on Instagram)

4. Don’t use social media? Email your photo to

5. Your photo will be shared with Idil and included in a collection of photos from around the world

>>> Download the sign 

6. Tune in to the party

Visit the homepage to see the latest social media shares and messages using the  #PartyWithIdil tag.

Or load a full-screen live browser feed at that you can show on a laptop or projector at an event.


Parties with Idil are already being planned across the country. Contact to be connected to the party in your city.

Parties are being planned in:


Gather your friends and community and host your own Party With Idil!

1. Contact us at to let us know that you want to host a party in your community and to get support.

2. Use our mock party invitation and our Facebook event to create promotions for your own party.

>>> Party Invitation 

3. Use our decorations, including:

  • a full-size cut-out of Idil, so that she can attend in person!
  • a birthday banner
  • birthday signs
>>> Birthday Banner

>>> Full-Size Cut-Out

>>> Assembly Instructions 

>>> Birthday Sign

4. Gather your own props! Use real decorations such as balloons and party hats to make this feel like a birthday party. Consider getting a cake to share with participants.

5. Share your event on social media! Use the hashtags #PartyWithIdil and #FreeRights Defenders and be sure to tag us (@AmnestyNow on Twitter, @amnestycanada on Instagram). Email your photos to if you don’t use social media.

6. Display the full-screen #PartyWithIdil live browser feed at on a laptop or projector.

Note: Budgets of up to $50 per event will be reimbursed. Please register your event with to receive funding.